Meeting Nathalie has changed my life. After trying for a baby for almost a year i am finally pregnant. I have seen 2 other Acupuncturists  and was very close to try IVF before finding Nathalie. However, after 3 sessions with Nathalie combining Acupuncture, Reflexology and Chinese herbal medicine I am finally pregnant. I am over the moon. I cant believe Nathalie has achieved that so quickly. I cant recommend her enough. Her thoughtful, quiet manner and her genius love for Acupuncture has mad such a difference to my life.
Anna Cayzer

I started having contractions 6 hours after leaving you and we were able to have the natural birth we'd hoped for. Thanks for much for the session and for your care and devotion in my treatments.
S. Green

I went for acupuncture and when I returned home my partner said I was completely different! I felt incredibly "blissed out" and labour started 7 hours later. I really felt that the acupuncture triggered a release of hormones in me, which brought on labour. Nathalie Kaufmann who administered the acupuncture was wonderful. She was so calm and peaceful, it really contributed to the experience.
L. Stewar

Meeting Nathalie has been a wonderful experience and from the very start, she made me feel at ease. Her calm presence combined with her warmth has always made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I had four months of weekly acupuncture treatments with Nathalie, which have had a great impact on my health. I feel less stressed, more energized and no longer suffer from mood swings associated with hormonal cycles. After many years of failed attempts to conceive naturally and through IVF, with the help of Nathalie’s treatments and to my greatest surprise, I finally became pregnant. She is an amazing practitioner, devoted to her work and her clients. I plan to keep seeing Nathalie for some time to come and would highly recommend her services.
Ivana Buntic Grant

"Nathalie is such a skilled acupuncturist, she is sensitive and filled with such warmth, making you feel and know that you are in the best of hands. I came to her during my pregnancy when I was dealing with a very painful sacral-ilíac joint issue and then carpal tunnel and with each treatment, I felt so much better! I could not have made it through my pregnancy without her! During my very first visit, I was pretty nervous due to my fear of needles but she made me feel so at ease and was so gentle that after the first session I was hooked and looked forward to each session where I would always feel such peace. I can't recommend her highly enough!"-
Ann Bloom

'The acupuncture and massage session with Nathalie was the first time I have tried this and Nathalie's calming presence put me at ease immediately. The acupuncture was amazing and bought up things for me which I was then able to release (a good cry!) and I felt incredibly clear and uplifted the following day. Nathalie delivered a beautiful facial and massage too which was profoundly relaxing and my skin glowed afterwards. I would not hesitate to recommend Nathalie or this treatment, it is both healing and pampering.'
Penny G.

I had my first acupuncture experience with Nathalie and it has been very positive and effective. My right arm has been numbed for half a year. It took three acupuncture sessions with Nathalie and I have not have that tingling numb feeling in my arm for over 6 months now. She is very gentle and knowledgable. Highly recommend!”
V. Lee

Nathalie’s acupuncture treatment with massage has greatly helped to reduce pain and the feeling of pressure in the left side of my head and in the ear associated with long-term chronic sinusitis and facial nerve sensitivity to cold and wind. I have had constant sinus issues for seven years and have constantly tried to cure it. I took six sessions, coupled with medicament treatment and feel much better now with the pain and post nasal drip almost gone. 
T. Intelmann

Nathalie Kaufmann
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